#S107 Stick to the people who pull the magic out of you

::Pose:: Popping Go&See / MP Samira STUN/ MP At Vanity Event ::Decor:: Toy air car D-LAB My Dear Button Toy Poodle Girl Black Bantam At Vanity Event ::What We Wore:: Skin Ulyana PUMEC / MP At Vanity Event EYES Soulful LOTUS At Vanity Event Jewelry [earrings/necklace/choker]  Celine Gacha MICHAN / MP At Gacha Garden ::What I Wore {Pink}:: Hair Amaris Tableau Vivant / MP At Uber Head Catya Catwa Hairband OLENA  Amias / MP Eyeshadow […]

#S076 Good vibes

OMG! I’m going to get straight to the point, there are so many events on my hit list I marked down to visit to get this all awesome collection. Check the list of items below :)) Pose :: Temptation  Reve Obscura Backdrop :: Cosmos Foxcity What I wore :: Hair Andrea Letituier / MP Exclusive at  TDM Head Catya CATWA Eyes […]