#S103 What can be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee!

  ::Backdrop:: The Basement Xenials / MP At Limit8 ::Decor:: Chair & Pose Abadon Ana Poses Beer Bottles TakeAway ChiMia Desk Minimalist Office Desk ChiMia At GachaLand Computer iWood Computer ChiMia At GachaLand Trophy The Best HopScotch At GachaLand Books Oliver Book Stack Architect Pen Stand Geometric Penholder ChiMia At GachaLand Lamp Clean Office Lamp ChiMia At GachaLand Plant Paint Can […]

#S095 Grooming session

Baby pink rooms are my childhood fantasies, like these in the picture by Lagom, this whole set you can find at Gachaland event. It’s not about your clothes, it’s about what you’re wearing underneath them. Intimidated sexy lingerie’s by Ricielli exclusive for Kinky event. What’s more interesting? 30 color’s along with option to mix match each […]