My SL Journey and About the Blog

I think, I entered SL the right time and it is Quite surprising, the experience is much better than I thought. Never had an idea a game can be so much extension to relate to real life experiences. In this year and a half journey I’m glad I could connect with people around the world and find the exact crazy friends who are just crazy as me.

I love to explore and shop! Keep updating my avatar with different skins shapes and lot more.. I feel its the exact same hobby in real. Which I incorporate here in SL as well. And this gave me inspiration to blog and share my experience with you..

I have meet so many lovely SL Diva’s and handsome guys very beautifully  presenting themselves, which keeps me admire the way they glam up. And I would like thank you the lovely Diva I haven’t meet  yet, to stop by and spend some time reading about on my blog. You are always welcome for suggestions yours ideas if you have any give us a shout, we’ll drop by for a chat, exchange some stories and become friends for S’life. You can also contact me  ღ šỶřα đαřľїήġ ήϔή ღ (Syra01 Resident) or  follow us at , FlickrFacebook  and Tumblr and make us  (almost) Sl famous 🙂