#S037 I am his, and he is mine In the end, it’s him and I

Today’s post is dedicated to my lovely sis Mimi Darling and Zak creator of SINsations. Apart from his busy schedule he could manage some time out just to pose for my blog. Its fun to see creators taking part in blogging pic with there own creations.  Thank you Zak and Mimi for your time. So without wasting much time let me get through details

Though your garden is gorgeous, that’s not the only spot in your backyard where florals can bloom! Roll this eye-catching area rug out on the patio and it’ll be popping with color and pattern inspired by spring. Hued in vibrant tones of  blue, deep red, pink and  browns. It offers a fun raised floral motif sure to grab glances from pool party guests or gift for sure as there are loads of animations for friends, singles and couples. Which is right now available in store and if you are lucky enough to rush to the store you can grab some one going deals. Please keep reading for more details…

Along with that I want to dedicate a song for them just for fun and I hope you guys like it too..

Cross my heart, hope to die
To my lover, I’d never lie
He said “be true,” I swear I’ll try
In the end, it’s him and I
He’s out his head, I’m out my mind
We got that love, the crazy kind
I am his, and he is mine
In the end, it’s him and I, him and I


ForeverMore Lovers Rug
by SINSations MP

Mum Flower Yellow
by Garden PartyMP

Nouveau Screen
by Apple Fall

What She wore::

Excuse Me
by Magika

by Lelutka

CC-Iced Platinum

by Erratic

by Erratic

Noa Wedges
by KC

What He wore::

By Stealthic

by Catwa

Taper Ears

Lips accessory
Lip Piercing
by ::GB::

cross catena
by ::GB::


#S037 I am his, and he is mine In the end, it's him and I



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