My SL Journey and About the Blog

I think, I entered SL the right time and it is quite surprisingly, the experience is much better than I thought. Never had an idea a game can be so much extension to relate to real life experiences. In this year and a half journey I’m glad I could connect with people around the world and find the exact crazy friends who are just crazy as me.

Staying around with them and doing lot of crazy fun is been a past time fun daily activity for me.  Talking about fun part- wearing something common or just to complement each other yet unique we use to create a outfit’s to outstand amongst all.

My inspiration of creating blog started from here, and I feel there will be many others like us #Squad who like to be in group or couples or parents and would like to go out in parties or family meet or just hang out wearing exactly matching outfits or some mix and match color combinations to complement each other. I have not seen much designers creating outfits that are made for “couples” specifically. And so I’m going to try out getting all the stuff together from different wonderful creators across sl teaming up with my #famjam in my up coming post. And this motivated me to come up with a blog  “SL Partners in crime” . My family and close buddies are my support system to help me with blog and my partners in crime winks 🙂

I have meet so many lovely SL Diva’s and handsome guys very beautifully  presenting themselves, which keeps me admire the way they glam up. And I would like thank you the lovely Diva I haven’t meet  yet, to stop by and spend some time reading about on my blog. You are always welcome for suggestions or ideas if you have any give us a shout, we’ll drop by for a chat, exchange some stories and become friends for S’life. You can also contact me  ღ šỶřα đαřľїήġ ήϔή ღ (Syra01 Resident) or  follow us at , FlickrFacebook  and Tumblr and make us  (almost) Sl famous 🙂

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